Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nykolett is hiring two seamstress to join in the sewing fun

The potential candidate should at least be able to comply to the following minimal requirements stipulated below:

1) can handle the high speed industrial machines...sewing machine and the overload machine as well..
2) Likes to sew...all kinds of curtains,comforters,cozies,bed skirts,runners,cusions,....list is endless lah..
3) able to work 5 days a week from 8 am til 5pm in Nykolett bawak2 balik kerja ke overtime...can!t afford to pay pun....

4) and of course have loads of patience and love to craft...

Salary paid will depend on experience lah kan...Sesiapa berminat bolih walk in for interview..Kene lah tayang sikit kebolehan anda dengan menjahit satu langsir at my work-station.....


  1. kak ros, yg ni kak ros nak permanent ke or on job jer (mean bila banyak kerja dtg lah kerja)?

  2. mila ,kak ros nak permanent lah..ade kerja atau tkde kerje gaji tetap jalan..