Monday, September 26, 2011

A male seamstress...?

 Today a guy called me at 12.30 saying that he wants to fill the vacancy which i advertised for the past 3 weeks ..Hmm..usually the sound of a male voice over the phone just puts me off..!But there was something in his voice..or is it just  me who is desperately in need of an assistance..that made me say"Yes!please come for the interview today at 2pm"..this is the third candidate who came to be interviwed..

So his vital statistics are:.

1) 21 years old male perakian --Yes,muda belia and energetic

2)    1 year sewing experience,likes to quilt...apparently my lady seamstress was quilting when he drop in...he claims he has a better way of quilting!hmm cakap besor pulak orang perak nih!....but i kind of like his confidence..

3)  Can handle the high speed and can thread the over-lock machine with no problem at all...cakap besor lagi...this guy is selling himself..mesti lah kan..kalau tak flaunt his skills aku pun tak hingin nak hire dia..

4)  Can also handle the hand drill and install curtain-tracks....a big bonus...macam mintak cincin zhulian tapi dapat cincin emas 916 tulin....wakakaka...nampak nye masih ade sinar mentari di celah2 hujan renyai kan...syukur alhamdulililah...

Wow,this guy is god-send!So what do you think....shall i or shall i not hire him?


  1. Suka kDee baca bab entry ni.... :D

    Just give him a try Rose.... I mean latu sikit... kan dia kata dia able to this and that.... tapi kDee memang respect hasil kerja lelaki yang betul2 pandai jahit.....sangat kemas...

    Go on, Rose.... push him to the wall!!!

  2. What does your better half say? I mean having a male around from morning to late afternoon and the need to cover our 'aurat'
    Anyway you should him give a chance to prove himself..good luck!

  3. Ambik je dia kak... put him under tempoh percubaan dan pemerhatian.. hehe..

  4. give him a try.. mana tau kut lebih baik dari ladies kan

  5. Thanx kekawan semua for the support and advice..Looks like i have not much choice ..Work is piling up...will give him a chance to show off his skills and then decide lah.