Monday, September 12, 2011

Sorry for the sporadic updates in this blog...

This is what happen when there is too much to handle and not enough hands to go around....the work station looks like it has just been washed a way by a strong wind..messy,messy,messy..Blame it on me self..I am causing all this mess..Macam mana tak messy..siap potong satu fabric,lari to second cutting table and grab another time to clean to the third cutting table...all waiting for super maid to clean up.Unfortunately i am running too fast and maid who comes only twice a week is on leave.. It is in times like this i wish i have tentacles,(8 arms will do just fine..)I think i am going to be late in delivering orders...i am short of 4 arms..

On top of it all there is a slow response to my sos advertisement for extra staff.All those who called wants to bring home work to do on their own leisure time...And the calls come from Pucong,selayang,kajang...semua jauh2..kerja cipot aje..Haiyah!!Hmmm..whats a girl to do huh?

Life has to go on...on  gear 3 lah kan..not too slow  but definitely not fast enough to meet datelines.....

Sorry no photos to share as the office is  in a terrible mess...Maybe tomorrow will post the pelmet valance which is in progress...and hopefully  the office will look
more presentable..This update is just to indicate that the owner of the blog is still around kicking well...Thanx for dropping by although there is nothing much too read about..


  1. wahhhh super duper seamstress... siap boleh lompat from one cutting table to another cutting table lagi hehehe

  2. Mila....bab memotong memang super duper laju...bila menjahit tetetel..bahasa orang perak maana duper-duper slow..wakakaka

  3. gear 3 pun ok kak.. lambat sikit tapi insyaAllah selamat sampai.. :D

    semoga dapat lagi 4 tangan ek.. amin... :)