Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holiday and celebration is over.......well almost..

Today business resume as usual for the second day on our normal working hours at 8 am till 5 pm.I spent the whole day yesterday running around from chow kit road to Jalan Kenanga to get sewing supplies for my shop.Macam2 yang da habis..My first job is to get ready 30 pieces of single bed skirt (quilted) with one pillow cover also quilted all in white ...persiapan untuk bertemu ALLAH...kata mereka yang order.Elok jugak kite beringat-ingat kan...Today i manage to cut two sets of the bed-skirt in between breaks treating friends/ customers with hari  raya cookies at my office...

Three bales cue up.

One set in  pogress

Oh Yes...on a different note.....kalau ade sesiapa yang berminat untuk membeli pouch for Sugar Gliders sila lah ke website my daughter at almiraashlin.blogspot.com..She is so obsess dengan binatang kesayangan nye and da buka kedai on line.Hmmmmm...penat lah jugak maknye melayan...Kalau mak tak support siapa lagi kan...Sudi-sudi lah singgah ya....The pouches are soooo lovely...again.. kalau mak tak puji siapa lagi kan?

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