Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bright Sunny Sunday in my unruly garden

Today the sun crept  through the corners of my curtain at 7.15am.Amboi!!its going to be one d**n hot sunday..and will definitely rain and storm in the evening {i said so quietly to myself}huh...So as for now just enjoy the beautiful sun before it gets too prickly to come on into my garden...a bit unruly and dry due to the continuous hot day and my laziness to water them.But i just gave it a good shower before taking this photos.I practically soak them{the garden pots,the grass lawn...} for 20 minutes..Ok ke ...kite siram sampai air bertakung2 on the ground??Ini sebab nak lepaskan geram sebab tak siram tiap2 pagi all day last much guilty feelings...well that will take care of my garden as for today.

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