Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have been patronising a beautiful blog about selvage.....and it has been disturbing my " I can do it " gene...hahaha.

The SELVAGE BLOG  by Karen Griska,United States Of America.Orang2 mat salleh nih memang innovatif and very generous to share and impart knowledge and ideas to the world..Rasanye i dah mengendeng blog dia for the past 3 days...setiap kali i read her blog rasa jam2 tu jugak nak lari ke mesin jahit..Tutorial dia memang crystal clear,senang nak ikut..Bahan-yang digunakan adalah scraps iaitu kain2 buangan..which i have in abundance,bless me.....And i rasa this craft is quite new in Malaysia..tapi kalau ade sesiapa yang dah mula craft ini sudi2 lah kongsi minat..

So today,i have been doing a lot of scavenging in my storeroom which holds all my remnants fabrics including old stock materials which are no longer saleble.Dah siap potong lots of selvages...tinggal nak cantum2 ikut Karen's tutorial..Jiwa saya meronta2 nak mencuba because it is a great way to utilise unwanted fabrics.Dari sekecil2 reja kain setelah di cantun bolih jadi a new fabric.Why didn't i think of that..Never ever cross my mind selvages can turn into beautiful piece of art.I am so inspired by Karen's finished job.My first project will be the flying geese.Thank you Karen for the beautiful easy- to- folow tutorial.You have really inspired me.

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