Sunday, March 21, 2010

Worthless Sunday...I'VE BEEN ROBBED in broad daylight..

Risau nye Mr Youngest...
Today i went to the most uninteresting place,.and if i were to rank it would sit on the last in my shopping list.Nasib baik pergi sekejap aje...Mana lagi kalau tak ke LOW YAT,the so called IT's heaven.Pergi collect my son's lappy at Komputon Sales & Service..Tak larat nak dengar the shreiking sound it makes as soon as it is switched on and top up by the nasty bang Mr.Youngest does on the lap top to quienten the monster,so terpaksa lah pujuk diri nih menapak ke neraka jahanam nih....hahaha... It was diagnosed of having a broken fan.The friendly technician Fadli Yusof..drooled over the monster for about 5 hours and cost me about RM180..what a hefty sum just to replace a teeny weeny fan ..I'VE BEEN ROBBED!!!!{We sent it yesterday,and pick up today .Kalau tunggu 5 jam kat situ bole GILA MEROYAN}Now its back in good shape.

So Mr.Youngest...lepas nih jaga lah dia bebaik..Switched it off after 6 hours..mesin pun penat ..perlu rehat..

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