Friday, March 5, 2010

Keep your homes up to date in the most economical way.HOW??? READ ON.

Are you interested to instil new life in your homes without having to spend a fortune?

With the right choice of curtain rods,fabrics and definitely style  the appearaance of a room can be transformed.So today let me enlightened you with a very moden window dressing by using EYELETS.Yes,langsir yang ade MATA.!!!

Eyelet curtains simply means there are small rings (silver or steel )attached along the top hem of the fabric.This allow the fabric to slip easily through a curtain rod.Thus the curtain is able to hang freely and definitely look neat.
Eyelets varies in colour and size.The ones shown above are exclusively fom ELYZA.Of course there are many more choices in the market in varying prices though to match your wallet.
Curtains with eyelets are very stylish and versatile.With the right fabric,eyelet curtains can also grace up ur bath as well!!
Keep the curtain intact by using baba's sanggul head ornament.A huge one !! The eyelet curtain shown here is displayed in NYKOLETT showroom.I played with two colour tones,dark brown running about 24 inches from the top and a gold tone for the rest of the curtain length.Looks chic with the "sanggul" accessory.A must-try for those who wants a modern and stylish curtain style.

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