Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh.if only i can have everything at SOUVENIR SHOPPE.

Today i went for a blissful shopping spree at SOUVENIR SHOPPE.Taman Melawati.My intention was to get some inspiration  but i went overboard..hahaha.Look at all the things that
i bought.

  A RM17/M
A] This tea pot party motif is for Nadia.I am going to make a tea pot cover and swap her pink purse.
B] This small floral print pulak is for Miss 2's bedroom valance which will be in pecil pleat.
C  Single Iron Plate Stacker{Short}
D Double Plate Stacker.{tall}
C and D] Both these iron plate stacker was a real eye catcher.Took sometime to decide which to pick.After drooling over them,i chose the double plate stacker .It cost about RM49 ,plates not included.

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