Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tetiba ramai pulak nak balut kerusi ya...knapa ???

This tall chair is from Taman Desa Tun Hussein Onn.Notice the high backrest.Dato S tak suka the 5 rows of palang and wants me to cover the back of all 10 chairs with  plain jacquard  material.The chosen color should match the seat cushion.And the ready cover should be quilted so as to give extra comfort to the human back.So lagi lama lah orang duduk dikerusi yang empuk tu nanti untuk menjamuselera,kan....
So to honor that request i have ordered a jacquard fabric fom the STARTREK COLLECTION,Elyza.It is gold in color,looks fresh and youthful,plain in texture with subtle use of metallic yarn.This range comes in 20 twenty trendy colors.Looks shiny from a close
view. But unfortunately,i am such a bad photographer!!!Will post a better picture when ready.!.
Kalau 10 pieces to be quilted will definitely need sometime to complete.Mmmmmmmm memang hectic bulan March nih.

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