Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hati ni berbunga lagi.....lihatlah dibawah*******suka,suka suka sesangat..

Pagi nih,saya didatangi seorang sahabat yang cukup istimewa.Perkenalan kami bermula di NYKOLETT.She was one of my first few customers from way back year 2002 and has been a dear friend since then.She is really a crafty gal.Just give her any rags and she can come up with pretty amazing things.Jiust take a look at the doll she made below....This doll was constructed from scrap fabrics and inexpensive remnants from my store which were too nice to throw.

Sis CT says that making rag dolls is very easy and so much fun.You need not be creative.With just patience,passion and bounty supply of rags she can come up with this old time doll in a jiffy.This doll measures about 13 inch tall and 9 inch wide.It does make a good hug in the arms.This beauty can make great gifts for children.Just engrave the child's name on the hat by simple embroidery stitch and will definitely make a child jump with joy!!Very inspiring..really ticks my crafty heart to try...

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