Saturday, March 20, 2010

ITs Saturday again..Being so redup out there i pun jalan2 di pasar tani taman setiawangsa.

Beli udang,daging,fishball,.sayur-mayur and mee.Yes!!today macam termalas nak pergi kerja.So like all normal good mothers i m gonna  siapkan breakfast for my family.Makan the humble mee goreng aje.But a wholesome complete meal..Bole kenyang sampai lunch.Lunch tak masak .Yippe!!ada undangan ke majlis kenduri kawin.

But after breakfast,I m off to Chow Kit Road to get some bahan2 menjahit for my shop.Among which are fiber,sponge,zips,threads...almost every thing is cheap here as compared to any other shops in my area.No sewing today..In the meantime jamu lah mata dengan mee ni.

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