Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am HIGH on life today.. long  busy day it is today.TIRED but HAPPY .Tired because i had to juggle work(like cutting materials,entertaining customers) with so many other things like paying all the utility bills,sending parcel to outstation customers,getting the home groceries,..all done in one day.No,no...i am no superwoman.Suddenly everything needs focusing today..I have only myself to be blame...i am such a procastinator...a damn good one!

But i am Happy though..manage to sell a few baskets,coffee pot covers,toaster covers.Good riddance.!Thanx to a dear friend who brought along her breakfast mates to my shop this morning.Now i can think of making new designs in the latest fabrics.Ohh...i am itching to get started on new crafts..Got some inspiration while blog hopping these few days..What would life have been without the INTERNET?Huh?!!Have anybody given it a thot...?

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