Friday, November 11, 2011

Its FRIDAY again...11.11.2011

I have so much to talk about but just too little time to spare on  these lappy keys.I just don't know where to begin,I always make it a point to update this little space of mind every day but i just got carried away with the goings of the day..and the next thing i know i have past 2 days without documenting anything here..Haish!

Lets just talk about today.Dah lupa pulak the happenings of two days ago..Got these from skynet.

From top-down,sheers for living,love for pink room,blue teddy for boy's room and pale gold for main Living..

These are part of the curtain materials for the 3 storey house at BUKIT SETIAWANGSA..Materials for kitchen will be arriving tomorrow  and Madame of the house still has not decide for material in master bedroom .So in the meantime the day saw me cutting all these gorgeous materials till late evening.

I also want to show the first bed skirt done by my male sewer.Not too bad except for a few crooked piping which needed repairing and rectified in a jiffy.Come take a look...

And in the meantime theres another order for a mosses basket for Puan Noraihan Isa from Malacca.She is almost due and this order came at about 2.30pm today.Quite a short notice.She requested a basket in plain material and the choice of color should be able to fit both a baby boy or girl.So i took some time off from my cutting table and flew to NAGOYA and found a color which would be fun to work with.

Is this lemon green...?
Image from google.

I can never work with just one solid color.I know i had to match the green with some stripey material.Sikit lagi tak ambil kain polka dot'sebab takde color  yang match pun.

Not sure if i can get the baby basket done before the baby comes.I will definitely try my best though.

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