Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The green mosses basket cover set is ready..

As at this evening the basket cover and the baby changing mat/blanket is done.The 2 pillow covers, bolsters and straps for the handle will be ready first thing tommorrow morning.So Puan  Noraihan Isa,i will be posting this bundle to you tomorrow afternoon ..To malacca,to malacca..harap2 sampai sebelum raihan bersalin anak yang ketiga.

For Puan Noraihan Isa...Merlimau,Malacca.
And the roman blind is also done...entah berapa kali kene tetas sebab yang tukang jahit budak baru belajar..fail maths agaknye ke langsung tak amik SPM....lalalalala...kesian saya ..tension gitu!

And i also receive an order for two sets of baby nappy holder from dearest friend Wynn,Bangi....

The material chosen is from Elyza ..Room For Kids'

Almost ready...am contemplating to embellish the top with decorative buttons....wynn...shall i ,shall i??

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  1. It is so pretty already. No need to add buttons. Should have asked you to just sew big huruf "Y" atau if rajin "Yousuf". Yg lagi satu tu if nak letak buttons, will be ok. Thank yoy Nee..