Saturday, November 5, 2011

A blue baby basket in progress

I made a baby mat a couple of weeks ago using this ABC fabric..And since there were a few more meters to toy with so i thought maybe i should cover the moses basket as well,but this basket is still under progress i will just show off a bit.There is still the handles and the fitted underneath that need to be done..

Quite nicely done by my new asisstant..for a first timer,,he did a great job  but of course it was done under close supervision..although i know he could have managed doing on his own as i already got a ready sample for him to follow closely..anyway being a newbie at the office everybody likes some attention,right?

Lately i am having a fling with dots..there is a white dot perking at the base of the basket.

The baby mat got ready first..,but too bad the seamstress had to bade sayonara...

And i have a good mind to have the fitted sheet in dots as well...yes!blue dots it is gonna be...anyone wondering where the fitted sheet will be??


  1. another male seamstress ke kak ros?
    really like the ABC fabric.. cantik betul

  2. Yes mila,male sewer this time around.Entah berapa lama pulak dia bole tahan..keeping fingers cross..