Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sharing Thursday...

The two bales of embroidery crushed voile sheers have just arrived...and now for some serious cutting.

Two bales.. one in dots and another bale in 3 leaves design.
How do you cut a thin slippery fabric which just refused to stay put on the table..?

I like to do my way....And this is how it goes:

First get the desired width..

Then make a small cut.
Then try getting a strand of the fabric thread and pull slowly till the thread give away.You might have to do this a couple of times till you reach the end of the fabric..You will now have a straight line .

Then with a very sharp scissors you can cut following the lines left by the  pulled careful not to cut your shirt beneath the sheers ehh..i do it a couple of times...hmmm
Rest assured that you will get a perfect straight line..

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  1. selalu wat camni kalau gunting baju yg kainnyer lembik2 tuh, mmg very useful tips.