Sunday, November 13, 2011

Exceptionally hot sunday...

If you are in a sedentary occupation / hobby like mine you don't get much physical exercise except for  the stress involve in making points match as in quilting and sewing straight lines which does pretty much make roll exercise for the eyes...and so
my enthusiasm for a few stretches of the arms and legs are always  spent in my petit garden.And when the sun is shining hot i could not resist a few lingering moments in my sanctuary.

For many years this christmas  like tree has been the apple of my eyes till early this morning i notice the slight slant to the left.

Haish!....detected white termites...running up the poor tree..

I have engaged the SELAYANG PEST CONTROL to do the usual pest control service every three monts.Well the house is almost termite free and now i know where they are having fun  taking refuge in my garden at my expense...So looks like the whole garden needs some cleaning up job.Good excuse to get new plants,trees and new flowers...and some good money flying away too....


  1. selalu berangan nak ada garden mcm ni tapiii.. baiklah setakat angan2 jer dari jadi pendera flora kang

  2. besar dah pokok akak ...saya beli pokok kecik2 je murah sikit...

  3. Mila...memang payah jaga bende2 yang hidup nih..nak beli senang aje..

  4. Suzie..pokok2 di taman kak rose asalnye semua dalam polythene bag..kak bela dari kecik3 anak sampai ke tua bongkok seperti christmas tree tu le...