Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On my cutting table...

I have been working on this house for months since ramadan.Finally got the quotation done,It is for a wedding on christmas day .Since the house is still under minor reno works I really took my own sweet time to choose the fabrics and patterns.The first collaboration with customer was 2 months ago.It is going to be an apple green theme.

sliced lime.

The material chosen for main living


And the chosen valance for the main living will be a simple pelmet valance just like in this pattern of my most precious reference book since i dived into this humble business. .way back before the internet was born..

and i chose a petal pelmet valance for the dry kitchen.....baru nak propose to The Lady of the house.

Like the way the stark green petal peeking beneath the  floral petal..siap dengan tutorial lagi di sebelah kiri.

And for the rest of the be continued...

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