Monday, November 28, 2011

Another extended weekend..the Muharam break

This extra holiday is most welcome...i am catching up on lost time here in my distorted garden doing the needful fight against white termites.I have soaked this once upon a time beautiful tree at the roots with  TERMIFOS 212..and while at it i did some weeding.cutting and rearranging the potted plants..Managed to fill 3 bags of size X-L plastic garbage with dead branches,leaves and dead snails...Now i am wondering if this tree can still survive.. I have tied the tree to keep it upright and fight against the strong wind that comes every evening  with the much effort to keep this tree stand still and continue life....

My beautiful philipino grass are all taken by termites and daun pegaga is growing wild....better this way than just leaving the ground empty with  earth..looks like the termites do not fancy daun pegaga.Tu yang tumbuh subur...

Dan ganjaran nye setelah penat bermandi peluh di taman anai2,i bought 3 pairs of cosy slipper/shoes all from SUNGAI WANG PLAZA...macam bebudak lah pulak..


  1. wahhh 3pairs in a row..comel2 plak tuh.

    daun pegaga tuh boleh buat ulam kak ros...sedap. nak lagi sedap buat kerabu pegaga yum yum

  2. Yes Mila...udah tak larat nak mengulam..takut jadik kambing...tak awet muda pun..lagi manyak kedut ade lah!