Friday, November 18, 2011

The package has arrived safely ..

i am happy that mummy Noraihan  is delighted to have received her order which arrived today  on time before the baby's arrival..

but I was quite shock at the postage charges..a wobbly RM42.Phew.POS MALAYSIA cekik darah betoi!Mana ade berat sangat pun....maybe next time i will have to fold the package and make it look smaller.Since the bundle is light i have been charged for space taken...if only i had the time to re packed the whole thing...but then raihan will miss the thrill of receiving before the baby i just paid the postage................

These two baby diaper stackers were ordered by Wynn from bangi...Hope she likes it.So wynn,bila hang nak mai ambik?
First time i am using felt material to personalize my hand mades..easily done..but did not like the hand stitching part..


  1. comellah diaper stacker dengan riffles camtuh.. nampak mcm topi plak.

    kalau pos laju, diorg charge either ikut berat or ikut saiz rasanya. itu yang kekadang barang ringan tp charge tinggi. Now saya banyak guna pos bungkusan biasa tuh, RM7.50 untuk first 2kg, memang murah. Kalau pos baby quilt tuh dlm RM8-9 jer walaupon besar, dan sampai dlam 3-4 hari bekerja. for me reasonable lah.