Monday, November 14, 2011

Line up WIPs for the week

I never experience Monday blues like i always do when i was serving the government  about 15 years ago.Infact i miss my work station on weekends.Although i can still sew at home but i am darn  devoted to my family. I feel so blessed to have  my own quiet place to doodle with the fabrics , maximise my creativity time and not having to worry about cleaning up after making all the mess ...i leave the mess to my bibik who comes twice a week to clean up..another blessing!

Enough of the ramblings.And what have i been working on off late....Curtains for the 3 storey house at Bukit Setiawangsa..

French Pleat curtains in blue and pink..( pink fabric on background)

French pleat curtain and a pelmet valance for the living

French pleat for dry kitchen and a roman blind in the same greenmarket fabric for the wet kitchen

The pelmet valance for living and the roman blind still in the design stage..
And not forgetting an order for a baby mosses basket set..consisting of
a basket cover,a blanket,two pillow sleeps,and two bolsters...
The baby mosses basket already quilted.

The baby blanket being quilted.....


  1. suka kain abc tu....cantik sangat

  2. Kalu nak tempah quilted blanket size single, brp kah RM yg perlu ada? Nak la satu..

  3. suzie...kain teddy ber ABC tu heavy cotton..sesuai untuk curtains aje.memang manis untuk bilik kanak2.

  4. Han Ja...upah jahit untuk single bed quilt is RM150.Ukuran siap quilt is 55 inch by 80 inch.Beli lah kain bidang 60 inches about 2.5ms untuk bahagian depan and 2.5ms for the back..Kalau depan and belakang corak lain lagi meriah..

  5. bestnya quilting guna hispeed.. I tried once kat kampung using JACK.. kejap jer dah siap, kalau guna NV50.. sakit bahu dok pegang kain tuh... bila ntah nak sambar hi-speed satu

  6. Mila...jom kite sambar...kak nak sambar NV50...huhuhu

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