Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy as the bees.......When you are understaff and every detail needs your attention time flies like the breeze...

Oh,June is creeping in so fast...Lets take a peek of the silver  bed skirt in the making for  a June Wedding.Emmm.teramat lah silau menyilau.....pening betul!
This is the skirt for the queen bed waiting to be stitched to
the bed top.

The frills yet to be attached to the pillow covers..Sejuk sikit mata menenguk kain cotton ini selepas disilaukan dengan kain silver..

The four pillow covers,2 in cotton grey and the other 2 in polyester silver.
The day curtain with horizontal lines in grey white and black hues.

The night curtain in shiny silver raindrop like texture.So with that,i am off for a short break cum vacation  to Kuantan til end of the week.Might hit the beautiful beaches..Yippee yeh,yeh!Happy Wesak Holidays to all my friends...

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