Monday, May 24, 2010

Setiap kali balik dari Souvenir Shoppe,my " I can do it "gene is trigged.!

Lots of sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet creative things are on sale at the Souvenir Shoppe.Sweet,nice n xpensive..Many of you will disagree with me on the price.Well lets say that when you can create something with your own bare hands you tend to be more careful in spending your money..Anyway a lot of things that are on sale at the souvenir shoppe are things that never ever cross your mind.Look at this tea cosy for instance:I made a reversible tea cosy with ELYZA fabric while pattern is inspired by THE SOUVENIR SHOPPE.

This tea cosy are with small roses upfront.Done within an hour,no quilts involved just double layer fabric to give it a good form.Such an economical way to give a new look to an old looking tea lala lala...

And on the reverse side are the BIG roses ,of course!Everybody loves reversible items cos it is like getting two things at the cost of only one!


  1. creative la k.ros.geram saya tengok.susah nak buat reverse side kan.

  2. With lots of practice,senang aje lah..Norem pun bole buat.hihihi