Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A great day is....

......after putting hours of work you get to see the fruits of your sweet labour.For the past 3 days (saturday n sunday not included)we have been kept busy on Ena's curtains.It is a double storey townhouse in Sri Loging.The house is currently under renovation and the curtains should be ready by this week.As of now almost 90%sewing is done.I have completed the master ,av, and guest rooms..Now what is left but in progress is her main living and dining.

Some of the curtains  are already packed and curtain hooks also fixed..just in case Ena wants her master room curtain  to be hang first..I know how some young house owner's are sooooo excited and impatient to see their newly acquired home to be furnished and definitely pleasantly curtain up...

                                   This is how the blind looks when its up.

There are 4 roman blinds to be fixed in her master room..Comel loteh aje...30 inch x  67 inch.

 This floral roman blind ( 3 pieces) is for her newly born baby girl's room which is also the guest room.The roman blinds measures 26 inch x 50 inch each.Sorry for the blurry picture...huhuhu..taken in a hurry!

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