Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today Pn.Fatimah brought a single (foldable)bed matress to my shop.

According to her the bed matteress is use only occasionaly when she get extra guests during school vacation or long hari raya holidays.So most of the time the bed mattress will be tuck into the store room. She requested me to make a bag to store the bed .This is how the bed look when it is folded.

So voila! I made a simple bag with a long zip at the bottom and a small handle on top.Its done.!.This is the top view with handle.Saja aje buat besar and roomy untuk memudahkan kita masuk mattress besar tuh..Senang lah nanti Puan Fatimah nak bawa kemana2 pun tilam tu nanti.Letak bawah katil pun nampak kemas.

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