Monday, May 3, 2010

May Day,May Day,May Day..

Hope everyone had a good start for May..Can't say the same for me.Got an unbelievable disheartening news on 1st may which spoiled my whole weekend!Not in the mood to share with friends though..Anyway life have to go on..I sure hope the bad news is a blessing in disguise...Hanya Allah yang maha kuasa dan maha mengetahui keatas segala yang terjadi...mudah2an berita sedih nih ade hikmah disebaliknye.....

This blind looks like so when its down.
Work proceed as usual in my shop..Shimah is getting another queen size bed skirt ready for Pn.Hjh Ani.She managed to get one blind ready for Farah Raphael earlier this morning..Material is sourced from IKEA.

This is how it looks after being raised.

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