Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some things stitched by NYKOLETT last week and already made their way into beautiful homes,Layan lah gambar2 ini disebuah rumah yang cukup indah...

All these photos were taken late this morning at Datin Zaiton's home in TIARA SETIAWANGSA.

Ini rumah tong sampah...huhuhu sebelum ianya di pakaikan curtain!!!!Selepas fixing the curtain with the help of zaplon   tara...........lihat lah dibawah ni....

Kain dari ELYZA,Summer House Collection.The 4 inches check border really give a boost to the greenmarket design  material.Otherwise it will look too simple.Another reason for putting the two layer red and cream check is to harmonise with the English screen which Datin Zai bought from the Souvenir Shoppe recently..Lihat lah gambar2 screen sebelum  dan selepas di pakaikan skirt.Also fixed with the help of Mr.Zaplon.

This is the front view of the screen before attaching the red and cream check skirt.You can see the silouhette of the brooms and dust pan inside (-_-).

Now no more silouhette.Lets take a peek on to the inside of the screen.
They look equally good from the wrong side .This is where the brooms will sit.The screen is place nearby the rubbish area which i just covered with the greenmarket design curtain.Lets take a look of other things which i helped to create....

Table for two...The table cloth was the recent addition to the table,while the two cushions were done about 2 years ago.
This is a multipurpose organiser which Datin cleverly hung onto her kitchen cabinet.It helps to store away the grocery plastics which can later be recycled..Sekian saja lapuran saya....Stay tune for more updates in days to come ya...Have a nice crafty day..

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  1. Lovely pieces!

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