Sunday, May 30, 2010

Back from kuantan....i love this to see Mr.Youngest and the breathtaking beach.!

This weekend seems like ages ....Tak pernah duduk bermalas-malasan,sekali2 cuti lama terasa macam raya pulak...Sebab selalu nye bulan syawal aje dapat extended cuti.hihih.Kali ni pergi kuantan more to fullfill our (me and hubby)obligation as a parent towards my youngest son.He just started campus life 2 weeks ago to pursue his dreams in the line of Architecture.Most of our time in kuantan was spent installing him with things that can make his stay in college a comfortable one..Tapi mana lah nak sama dengan duduk di rumah kan.!
...Walau ape pun kene lah make the best of what is provided by the college my dear son.!Memang kene banyak bersabar dengan dugaan yang mendatang...emo lah pulak maknye..

Any way, sambil-sambil tu kami sempat jugak menikmati keindahan suasana di tepi laut TELUK CEMPEDAK at night..which is only about 5km from the hotel we were staying..I was realy surprised.The time was like 10.30pm but the beach was packed with people strolling leisurely with love ones along the beach...There were bright lights everywhere .Sound of screaming toddlers and strumming of guitar from a distance.We managed to snap a few photos.Lihat lah gambar2 nih ya.

I think there will be more visits and more brisk holiday here later on...have to keep a close eye on Mr Youngest kuantan,to kuantan....

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