Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy birthday ADAM.May your life ahead fill with joyous moments..

Last saturday my cucu saudara  ADAM turned 2 years old.The lucky birthday boy had 3 birthday cakes to cut.And the most cheerful looking cake was definitely from ME.!!huhhuhu.perasan lah pulak.!Just look at this photo.Don u agree???!!!

The cake still intact in the box on my dining table.

The delighted birthday boy waiting patiently for the candles to be lighted by his aunt and his mum looking behind him.

On your mark ,get set.....blow.....adam blow.....More photos of adam below.....

Adam and Maktok cutting the birthday cake she baked..Full of chocolates..yummy,yummy...
Adam's loving tokmak in yellow tudung and beloved mum in blue tudung. Thank you Tie and Paah for  having us in  the birthday gathering .

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