Thursday, May 13, 2010

Colours that can make me smile all,green,cream,white,stripes,checks....

As of today i have started on a totally new project which consists of stool-cover,screen-cover,pot holder and tabletop cover.All for Datin Zaiton.This morning i got ready her 3 pieces screen cover measuring 16 inc x 24 inch each in bright red and white checks.Her screen is in white,so this bright red and white check will definitely complement her screen.But in this photo all 3 pieces are hang in single file below my work top.Once they get on to the real screen i will post a better picture.!

This is the runner for her garden table.The stripes goes well with the green checks both in different tones of green.It measures 60 inch long by 15 inch width.But the table is only 40 inch in diameter,so there will be 10 inch drop on both sides to show off the V.

Her 3 pieces potholder are also ready.Actually they are made from remnants materials for her runner and table top cover.The white n green stripes are remnants for her runner and the greenmarket fabric are for her garden table top cover.And while busy at Datin Zaiton's project,more material came into my shop for curtains.

The 3 pieces pot holders.
Blue drape and white sheers for Azizah's room.

Purple roses for  Azizah's kitchen.

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