Monday, May 31, 2010

Hari isnin yang cukup malas......sebab diri ini dah terlebih amik cuti hihihi...nak menyalahkan hari pulak!

But once i step into my shop and piles of material ( fabrics that came in last week ) staring blank at me ,a small voice inside was telling me to buckle up and get focus!!! time to waste...Oh yes ,,focus dah banyak lari since last week..Dua kali berulang ke kuantan for Mr Youngest installation in his new campus environment.Balik pulak ke  rumah terpaksa mengadap all the mess at home created by renovation works in my room...enough to make me drained of energy...Ape2 pun kalau nak cantik rumah memang kene lah go through this uncomfortable periods....Hmmmm..will keep the renovation talk aside..and to a more serius tone lets take a look of the materials awaiting for my attention.

Ini nak di jadikan queen comforter..Manis yang teramat esp.digadingkan dgn the plain pink colour.Tuan punye kata nak pakai bulan bole lah ditangguhkan dulu*wink*.

This green white combo nak buat queen bed skirt.Tuan punye nak cepat siap.So kene didulukan...

This couple macam tak mesra aje.Tapi the owner nak jugak buat fitted queen.Actually,she wanted the fitted to be in the stripes fabric.But the meterage is not enough to do the whole thats how she pick up the plain gold/brown like colour for its match..Bisa diatur...janji customer happy!!! .Like the saying goes"...customer is always right."

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