Sunday, January 30, 2011

The long forgotten hexis...and cusions from NIGERIA

This basket full of hexies have been my constant companion for a good part of year 2009.

DH was posted to Nigeria for the whole  9  months in that year.Although the whole day were spent in my shop,come saturday and sunday things are pretty quiet around the house especially when the children were away in college.

So today while searching for a lost item this basket caught my eyes.A really time consuming hobby..but quite economical because it doesn't cost much especially when you can utilise all kind of scraps,bits and pieces..and the best part is that the stapling,piecing and stitching  can all be done right in front of the tv..Great way to spent time alone when it is raining outside and you kind of miss someone and you need something to distract your mind ....well at least for a while hihihi.

A good time to continue as DH is away again...this time  away 6 days a week..Take a look of some ready piecing.No idea as yet what it is going to turn into.
There are three more boxes tug away somewhere in my shop..But will just tackle one box first..hangat2 tahi ayam aje nih...

I also want to share some cusions DH brought back from Nigeria 2 years ago as momentos...

They are all made from untreated you can imagine the untolerable smell...All are with zips so i only need to stuff some fiber inside..Cusions are suppose to be cuddly but these Nigeria made cusions are needed to be kept nicely in plastics all the time to trap the unbearable odour.Dah banyak kali jemur kat panas..tapi the smell refuse to go..

Ape nak buat dengan cusion2 ni ya!


  1. Rosni, you are doing hexy too..... and lovely fabric design. We have few of those cushions too...... rasanyer kulit unta atau kambing. It took years to eliminate the odour but finally disappeared. Just leave them airy.... hope this will help!

  2. Kak D,saya memang suka sesangat patchwork..tapi focus selalu lari...tu yang terperuk dalam baskets all the time..Yes!memang kene jemur cusion2 tu sepanjang2 tahun...Thanx!

  3. wahhh lone ranger at home yer kak ros... jauhnya nigeria tuh hahaha.. rindu rinduan hihi

  4. Yes Mila...Wonder woman...

    Thanx Daffy.