Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beautiful lace from Holland.

This vintage lace measures only 22 inches in width with a droplength of 46 inches at the longest.It is suppose to grace Cik Pah's kitchen window measuring 52 inches in width.My mission is to get it fit the window ,no matter how!hihihi.Short of 30 inches...hmmmmm

As for now i have hung it on my makeshift rod resting on my steps..Biar lah dia bergayut kat situ sampai ilham ku datang.


  1. banyak jugak short nyer tuh.. 30 inch... kalau 30cm ok lg

  2. Yes Mila..Kak kene tambah 15 inch on both sides ..Can be done.But how to do it in style supaya tak nampak funny..hihihi