Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lets tab up the windows.

Last week i help my daughter move into her rented flat nearby the college she has been attending for the last 4 months.It is a 3 bedroom flat and very suitable for students as the rental is quite moderate.But as it is not furnished we had a hassle trying to instal the basic neccesities .I also had the chance too see other flats rented by my daughter's college mates.Most of the rooms are without curtain tracks but fortunately all rooms were iron  grilled.Thank god for that..The curtains provided were just a piece of cloth hung loosely on the grills.,,poor thing and not to mention the curtains were torn or dirty and unsightly which brought me into sewing many tab  curtains .

These tab curtains are easy to install.The tabs are fix with velcro.Lets take a closer look at the photo below.Tab curtains are very practical.In case you don't have a proper curtain track it can also be hung on the horizontal  grill..Great if you are on a tight budget like my student daughter..But f course the curtains will look fabulous on curtain rods.

Well lets hope my daughter will get another 3 roomates to share and install proper curtain tracks.I am not going to spoon feed her anymore.I have burst my wallet..ngeh..ngeh.Do i sound like a terrible mum?

Any way more tab curtains are in progress as demand are high lately.


  1. kak ros, such a good idea... should give it a try

  2. Thanx rosh..kerja rumit sikit lah kan..lebih senang letak pita langsir yang biasa tuh.