Sunday, January 23, 2011

The ugly window makeover...

Another working sunday...but since the subject matter is my passion, sanggup menapak ke tingkat 3 Mahsuri Appartments.With the help of my installer,Amin the great we manage to hang 3 curtains for the living,master room and kitchen..But due to some technical problems..rumah pengantin ade tetamu..i can only show off the kitchen valance.


Just a simple frilly  valance curtain has complimented this tiny kitchen and transform it to a warm environment.The material is from ikea.Green and cream stripe is just the colour to bring life to the otherwise sallow kitchen.But due to shortage of material ,the frills are source form ELYZA.Lucky they complement each other.Now the kitchen look dazzling.....tapi flash pulak rosak,so excuse for the not so sharp pics...huhuhu over lah pulak memuji sampai flash kong!..

Will try to snap the curtains in the bedroom and living on my next trip there when the round cushion seats are ready.Hopefully by then the guests have check out..tak lah rasa macam jakun nak amik gambor..


  1. wahh best betul pengantin ni yer... bukan je dapat bilik pengantin, tp dapat rumah pengantin tuh..

  2. Memang bertuah pengantin ni Mila..Mak pengantin punye appartment...kawin terus dapat suami dan appartment sekali.