Friday, January 21, 2011

While scouting for sewing materials i found some little gadgets for bag making..

Well i thought all these hardwares are only obtainable on line...anything obtainable on line really puts me off,.I just don't like the hassle of banking in money and  having to wait for the cooling off period before i can finally receive the order.So ..come take a look..

Snap magnetic buttons,circle and d rings..I think it costs much cheaper than buying on line.

There were many more things sold bag making related..But this is enough for a start ...can't go overboard...buat bag pun angat2 tahi ayam....nak pasng snap button pun belum tentu bolih....kakaka..berangan lebih!


  1. kak.. macam kat bungan reben jer? eh ada jual ke? tak pernah jumpa pon (jeles jeles hehe)... bunga reben kat mana tuh?

  2. Ya mila kak beli kat bunga reben di chow kit road..memang tak sangka dia jual bende2 nih...Tapi yang kat jalan TAR tak tau lah pulak jual ke tak...