Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tab curtain sheers in lilac.

A word of caution.When doing the header for the tabs,never choose light weight material like i did for this purple sheer  ......Always opt for heavy almost to heavy cotton or jacquard..This is because when the curtains are hang the folds that comes towards use doesn't stand up by itself .They tend to fall to aside.You will need to arrange the folds to make it stand up which means extra work.Does it make sense or have i confused anyone..hihihi
By the way all my tabs look hard and stiff because i have inserted stifferners inside the tabs .memang rumit sikit buat tab.

Anyway heavier materials are definitely easier to sew than light sheers.

 And in the mean time i manage to make triangular or pyramid pouches..but still in the teething stage..tapi dah mula naik hantu buat nye...senang giler buat can do it too by following Nadia's tutorial 

Thanx Nadia for the easy to follow tutorial...

Macam orang menguap addictive!terlagi lagi nak buat huhuhu.


  1. Cik Pah,memang comel.Customer kalau datang mesti grab satu!

  2. very pretty curtain, i hope someday i can make some for my windows at my own house
    *hoping ;D

  3. Yes Griya..i am sure you can make pretty curtains for your home.They are simple to sew..