Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hope everyone is having a great time today to start the new year..

As for me am busy installing my girl to her new rented flat nearby the college she will be attending.This is the second move in the lapse of 4 months..Since the appartment is unfurnished,i have been busy for the past 3 days hunting for all the basic neccessities to make her stay as comfortable without bursting dear hubby's wallet.And dear hubby will also be working away from home for the next 6 months which means to say there are two rentals to be paid beginning of this month...huhuhu....not forgetting hubby will also need installation too..

Enough talk about installation...and now about the love of my life...NYKOLETT.As usual assesment has to be make early of the year .Last year's performance has  has been a wee bit slow due to increase in material costs and shortage of skilled workers.Hopefully this year things will brighten up a bit.Am not going to be hard on my self and so will not put any definite plans for 2011 for fear will not be able to achieve...( chicken! ).But my ultimate wish would be to get a new place for my business ..keeping fingers cross

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