Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lets spruce up the pathetic looking iron board..

I do most of my ironing on the iron board...and because i will frequently use the iron i never fold the board and leave it at a corner..and a lot of times it is turn into a table...So it needs to be decently dress too.. nothing frilly fancy ,something simple and neat  Those that i made have a sponge batting and covered with cotton material underneath.I also affix elastic tali getah all round the cover to have  a good grip on the board...oh yes!this cover can be easily removed for washing.

How about pink roses...bunga roses ni buat ku bersemangat untuk menggosok..

Or in green bamboo design.......too manly looking though...HAPPY IRONING!


  1. cantiknye... mmg rasa teruja nk guna.... d fabrics are lovely! suka...

  2. Memang sedap meggosok atas nye sebab empuk.

  3. kak.. been so long to change mine... but still pending.... u keep me inspired.... i will make it 1 soonest possible//

    :) tq