Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Been away from the blogging world for quite a while...

Lap top kene hijack by son and daughter since theirs have been in the repair shop for quite sometime.Tak kuasa nak dengar rungutan mereka,so beralah aje lah...

Today daughter have return to kolej but her lappy is still down in low yat....bless me.. not for the lappy being in low yat..the repair cost is a fortune..adeh! but her returning to kolej...tak perlu dengar daughter punya merengek..

Business is slowly catching up momentum ( after the long holidays) since my favourite staff return to work after a long 5 months break.But the bad news is my new staff ,who has been with me for just 5 months,  had to resign due to poor performance.Ah well,hopefully the replacement will come by soon...saja nak sedap kan hati..and in the meantime i pun terpaksa menyembah mesen to speed up work a bit.

So besides doing the tab curtains for the kolej student appartments, 6 pieces chair covers were done for Macik Zauwiyah who stays in Lembah Keramat.As her 10 meters material which she bought form NILAI SQUARE could only accomodate for 4 pieces i had to do the other 2 in plains.

And so lets see the piccies..
There's a long zip attached at the side for easy installation.And the other 2 will be in just plain stripe cream heavy cotton..

I have forgotten to show the backview which is also pleated right in the middle.These materials are remnants from bygone days.That is why i could not get the stripes align in the same way for the backrest due to shortage of materials.Hopefully the old lady doesn't mind or else she has to go all the way to Nilai Square to get the same material.It is a huge rotan chair consuming 2.5 meters each.

Oh yes...this is the backview of the chair slip cover..


  1. thinking of a new look mcm ni... for my old cheap dining chair kat rumah tuh... tp projek camni will take a decade to complete (sigh).. itu yg tertangguh jer dari sehari ke sehari

  2. Mila,once you dah buat template,the work will be a breeze,esp kalau takde piping cepat siap nye.