Monday, January 17, 2011

Since i became a weekend wife,i found myself a mate to fill in DH absence...huhuhu.

Hope DH is not reading this one time this kind of mate is out of bounce in the house...oh what the heck!Any  thing that keep me occupied before my bedtime is a blessing..So i would like to show off my new love...Mr JUKI..brand new lagi...Those in my shop are secondhands..

Yup...another sewing machine...this time all to sharing with my staffs and the best part is that it is in my house and in my room..tu lah.....siapa suruh cik abang kerje you will be competing with this fellow for my attention....

Anyway to break the virginity of this machine i made a bag.....oops! actually one bag in two styles..Brilliant idea ehh!

Almost all my bags are quilted to give that sturdy look.
Beach bag,sleepover nightbag or even a diaper bag perhaps...huge bag
Shirt Stripe Bucket Bag
Another view of Shirt Stripe Bucket Bag
Roomy Interior with pockets on both sides

Well when i am at home i will sew anything that is not curtain related...every body needs a break from the normal routine isn't it...curtains are only for office work...

So with that there will be no more lonesome nights......


  1. Thanks you Nykolett for visiting my blog, I love all your especially the feeling of the bag, I have to make one these quilt bag they look awesome. Im your follower now

  2. Thanks your follower too..nice to be friends ...

  3. bestnya dapat machine baru... I dream of having this too.. JUKI industrial machine.. tapi tu laaa menjahit pon suam2 kuku.. angan2 je lebih hahaha... btw how much is the price yer? n kat mana beli... kut2 one day the dream come true kan

  4. Mila..kak beli from the china man who service my machines ..almost all my machines are purchased from him.It cost RM1600.Tapi kak tambah lampu panjang kene add on another RM100...mata kak dah semakin muda lah katakan..His name is AH MENG..Hp no o123592373.

  5. kalau nak mintak buatkan beach bag one for me bleh x kak?? nmpak cam shantek je... how much would it cost??

  6. Hi NaDya..this pink beach bag is my first attempt at masih tak lepas my own quality control test..but i just love making bags...esp huge ones..just stay tune ..i will be making more of these bags..Kak bole buatkan untuk NaDya but it has to be in my material..sebab baru belajar ,kene use my own material.Thanx for asking ..