Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful table cloths,stitches ripped off and waiting to be transformed..

I am giving my boxes of scraps a rest..Actually i need new colors to work on.I am not too sure what these fabrics are going to turn into.But my hands are itching to start sewing something pretty and nice for my neglected kitchen.Since i will be cooking for the whole of ramadan .,perhaps i will whip some cozies or tea towels.
Nothing like new kitchen helps to boost up my cooking skills...Sempat ke nak jahit nih..Curtains dah banyak que kat kedai..


  1. mesti sempat..idea dah ada, tekan pedal je.

  2. Zai...tu lah...da ternampak2 new gorgeous tea towels,pot holder,placemats,apron......tetiba ternampak2 pulak tote bag! mana lah huju hala ku kali ni..