Monday, July 4, 2011

Just letting myself go on a beautiful monday morning...

While waiting for the delivery man to sent my Fabric supplies for this week i had fun drawing and just following my heart go with these scraps..I am not quite sure where i am heading to but i just knew that i had to keep my hands busy with the scissors and the pencil...hihihi.

First i drew the floral design using a template on the green market  fabric
Then i did the same thing on a hard interfacing
All are cut  and arrange  in three stacks.

While i stop to think of the next step.....hmmm yes !..the Delivery man came and spolit my thoughts.Looks like i have to shovel these beauties for awhile for a more serious project.Will marvel about the fabrics later..Great day to start the week..Hope your Monday is just as great as mine......

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