Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Falling sick at the wrong time..

Ini lah nama nye demam nak raya...or is it nak puasa...?? kedua2 nye lah kot..Every year just before ramadhan ade aje catastrophe yang menimpa ..Sounds like a big disaster pulak kan..It is to me..First my seamstress took long maternity leave ..Of course i am aware of that since early this year.But if you are in my kind of business an experienced seamstress is of utmost importance.Tak bolih main ambil any tukang jahit..So i am short of staff.Added to this i am down with the flu pulak...Back up seamstress  ramai ade tapi cukup tak berkenan kalau  tukang jahit mintak jahit kat rumah.Payah nak control quality..So jawab nye terpaksa turn down a few tempahan..Tak guna terima job yang belum tentu dapat di selesaikan ,betul tak..Kene hamun lah jawabnye...

So as at today i am officially closing penerimaan tempahan for raya.Tapi kalau dalam sehari dua ni dapat tukang jahit yang performance nye hebat,i might consider.Wish me luck..Insyaalah semua kerja dapat disiapkan on time..


  1. Rose, just, you take care.... especially for this coming Ramadhan. Wish you all the luck I could pick around my way.....

    And I needs lots of LUCK too.....wish me back! :)

  2. KakDee....thanx a lot..Good Luck to you too...and may we both survive and endure the fasting months and collect lots of pahala along the way..Ameen...

  3. Get well soon, pretty lady. Fight! Fight! Fight! You can do it!

  4. take care kak ros ! hope you get well soon :)