Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Penghulu oh penghulu......

Today,i would like to deviate a bit from my normal curtain and crafty story.And this is going to be quite a long post.So read only if you have the time.....saja nak let out some steam...but better not mention any names...

I thank allah for all the rezeki that has been pouring lately..And the latest was my youngest son who was awarded the Mara Loan..to finance his education in one of the University College locally...itu pun selepas mak nye ,thats me...,merayu as his application was turned down on the first round.None of  my children had this kind of privilege.. PRIVILEGE ?...if i can say so lah....sampai masa kene bayor jugak kan!Takpe lah ..when that time is due to repay the loan....pandai2 lah anak ku membayornye..

Anyway,sebelum  dapat merasa duit nye ,  banyak lah pulak dokumen yang nak di sign and endorse..Mak nye jugak lah lari ke sana kemari nak dapatkan pelbagai pengesahan...semua dokumen kene siap dalam sehari dua ini....I ran the same distance at the time of application....rasanye bolih menang marathon larian nih....

Yang paling-paling saya tak bekenan kene dapat sign Penghulu or ADUN ke atas penyata pencen bapa nye...thats my dear hubby...Aduhai ... kita ni dah hidup dalam 20th century...kenapa lah nak masuk kampung pulak dapat pengesahan Tok Penghulu....Kesian depa,the Tok Penghulu and ADUN,i am sure they have more important affairs of the rakyat to attend to kan..Bukan ke senang kalau pergi aje kat sekolah berdekatan and dapatkan pegesahan Guru Besor...

Hmmm........by 2.30pm i completed all the pengesahan and all documents were sent by express pos laju to the relevant authorithy....Hopefully they arrive safely and on time..anyway i have fax all documents before posting..just in case the parcel sesat entah kemana pulak..Tapi Pos laju Malaysia...kan dijamin sampai esok hari!

THE END..........


  1. tergelak saya baca entry kak ros ni.. rasanya sama je masa saya apply mara loan last 15 years kut, I need to go through the same procedure, yet I done it on my own. Balik kampng, go to the penghulu's office, kalau penghulu takde need to come again n then photocopy all the documents etc. and lucky that my loan converted to scholarship after graduation.. alhamdulillah

  2. when I broke my wrist I couldn't sew for a couple of months, I sought assistance from Zakat Selangor to ride the tide during those difficult months. with my arm in cast I had to 'run' around to get signatures for all the documents. after a month they told me the application was unsuccessful.

  3. Mila..kenapa lah procedure tk ubah2 setelah sekian lama ya...we need to change...tapi ape kan daya!Beyond our control.

  4. Zai...sedihnye dengar..but you manage to ride the tide at that time kan...rezeki masuk dari punca lain kan..Now mesti banyak tudung nak dijahit untuk raya.

  5. yes I did..I continued my 'kelas jahit tudung ':)
    musim ni nak jahit tudung untuk umrah n haji je..yang ada lapik dagu.