Monday, July 18, 2011

Majlis resepsi Dato Yahaya Chin and Datin Hayati Yahaya.

Semalam menerima undangan minum petang bersama pengantin senior di Kelah Darul Ehsan,,Ampang Jaya.Lama rasnye tak makan-makan santai dengan saudara mara..Pengantin perempuan,Hayati Yahaya ,is my sister in law who was once married to my Arwah brother..He ,that is my brother ,passesd away about maybe 10 years or so ago.Tak ingat lah pulak.

Any way tea was served buffet style.The widespread menu consisted of laksa johor,spaghati ,rojak,beriani rice and ayam curry,...for desserts there were bite sizes cakes ,custard puddings,bubur pulut merah,...just to mention a few;;And before we left The Cempaka Ballroom sempat lah bergambar dengan kedua mempelai...


  1. Sorry to hear about your brother.Yeah life has to go on.
    Saturday I went to one of my friend reception as you said the menu of food was long but I enjoyed eating.

  2. Hi Daffy...being able to eat anything is what makes the world a better place to live isn't it.I dread the day when i have to forgo all the good sinful food in the name of maintaining good health..

  3. Pak aku menikah lagi ahakss...

    Namz recent post Kantoi!