Friday, July 15, 2011

Saya kene saman...hari ini dalam sejarah..

Hari ni saya nak berceloteh macam mak the way insyaalah saya akan jadi nenek betul2 tahun depan..Yeeee Ha!

Saya berani mengaku i am a loyal citizen of malaysia..I was  a government servant for 14 long years...and have served Ministry of Agriculture.,Ministry of Education and Ministry Of Health during that short span of time.I was also awarded The Excelent Service Award in 1995...Too bad i resigned the following year.HaHaHa.

i pay all my bills on time....water, electric sewerage....income tax,epf......segala2 nye..I never fail to pay the parking ticket even if it was just to buy the pathetic newspaper..But yesterday was a bad day for me.I went to Taman Melawati to settle a few payment transactions  at The Public Bank..As usual i had to take a long walk to the parking meter..Drop 50 cents and voila the ticket was dispensed and took another long brisk walk to display the ticket on my car desk board...and haul the same route again to go to the bank..My errands were done in 20 minutes.

And now the story begins...From Taman Melawti i drove to Taman Sri Keramat and drop by a craft shop selling sewing supplies and the like just to get my thread supplies..By the time i reach there my parking ticket has expired.So i was stumbling with my coin purse and discovered that i was short of 50 cents coin.I walk to a nearby grocery to get my coins.It was just about 5 minutes and from the grocery shop to the parking meter and back to my car was another 5 minutes.Phew!To my dismay by the time i reach my car there was already the parking summons on my wiper.HOhoho..Memang cekap Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya ni..The MPAJ officer was no where to be seen..I thought i could go after him and flip the ticket to his face..but just too bad.i flip the ticket into the drain out of anger..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

And on this mournful friday was raining cats and dogs..but i knew i had to settle this summons another ride to Taman Melawati,come rain or shine,this time to the MPAJ Payment Counter..I relate my predicament to the clerk on duty and she was kind enough to redue the saman to RM20...a saving of RM30....Syukur alhamdulilah...God Bless You dear clerk..I pray hard that this will be the first and the last time and putting foot at this office..

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