Sunday, July 10, 2011

Patience pay off

A couple of weeks ago i went hunting high and low for a book on bag making..When i finally found  the book store i was dismayed as the last book was sold a couple of minutes before my arrival.The sales person was kind enough to call another outlet which happens to have the book...but its about 45 minutes away from my place.

So with a heavy heart i place my order and a deposit of  RM52.50 equivalent to half of the price of the book which was selling at RM105 at that time and the waiting time was 3 weeks.

And so today almost 4 weeks later i finally received THE BAG MAKING BIBLE,by LISA LAM...she has a great blog here at  U-handblog and it now cost only i only paid a balance of RM22.40..

Woweee....this book is much better than the last bag book i bought.The explanation  are crystal clear to understand to a beginner like me.The photos rhymes well with the instructions.The font of the words makes the text visible and its a real bonus..Now i know that all along i have been making bags the right way..hihihi....!Well sometimes when you don't get the proper guidance and just bulldoze through doing things,like me.,i sometimes wonder if i am missing anything along the way..Well not anymore..I am more confident now...


  1. Rose dear, english book for bag making memang susah dapat di bookstand around here.... depa beli senaskah untuk sesuatu issue, definitely kena order. It looks berbaloi, lucky you managed to grab one for yourself after the hurdle :)

    Happy sewing, dear!

  2. wahhh bestnyer dapat buku ni.. this is the book that we use for sew-a-long with sue right.. the bucket bag.

    Happy bag making.. (sempat ke tu?? langsir dah q panjang nampaknya)

  3. KakDee...oh yes i feel lucky to own the book and at a reduced price pulak tu!

  4. Mila...rasa tk sempat lah buat beg dalam sebulan dua ni...kene sew along with my girls for the raya jobs..but i might steal a few hours before closing in the evening and couple more hours before bed make one or two...happpppy mode...!