Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am back to my normal self and now lets enjoy some good homemade meals..

And since the ramadhan is peeping soon..just a few days away.,better polish up my cooking skills ..might as well check my pantry along the way.I don't want to be in a long que just to pick up belacan or kunyit ....a big NO!..not in the puasa month when time is just too precious to be wasted on unnecessary chore..

Today i treated myself and dear Hubby to a hearty brunch..Come lets go into my kitchen..

Hubby's favourite...beef steaks ( cut in big chunks )cook in thick black pepper sauce with cauliflower,carrots and green beans all thrown inside.This will be serve with garlic bread and some french fries....Memang selera mat selera...not for me though.

And for my goodself.....Sweet and sour gravy with all my favourite vege...

All poured onto  little miss siakap.... which was deep fried  earlier.

And not forgetting chicken pieces cooked in turmeric and daughter's favourite. Three favourite family dish whipped up in under one hour.Pergh!......


  1. Akak... semua nampak sedap sangat.. tapi cik siakap itu buat saya teringin plak... hehehe... :)

  2. MamaDaniel...masam2 ni memang sesuai dgn tekak kak yang baru baik demam...tapi nak pengsan menghabih kan sekor siakap yang kecil tu..